I always have been attracted by fine arts. I captured my first wedding on 35 mm film when I was 10 with an old Russian camera and a wired blitz. In high school I was passionate about theater and I made amateur acting. In fact, all my high school life happened around theater.  Since 2010 I am a professional photographer.
I’m not a sophisticated person and as a result, I like simple things. I love my wife, my kids and my friends. I love animals and nature, my house and my pets. I spend as much time as I can with my family. I try to keep up with good books and movies.
I like humans and I love them when they act naturally. This I want to capture in my pictures. That’s why I prefer photo-journalistic style. I’m very discreet as a photographer and I want to be less observed. I don’t like the photographers that conduct the wedding. I think the photographer should not intervene in the course of the wedding (or it should be minimal). I want to take unique photos, photos that tell an entire story.
Like everybody else, I try to find my way in life. I try to learn from everyone and from every event that occurs in my life in order to become a better person.